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Sale shopping tips


If you’re like me and you simply love shopping, especially on sale, but you also kind of love your wallet… these tips are going to get you there!


Sale shopping tips


You don’t have to apply them all, just be sure that when you want something, take a step back and analyze your emotions a little. Why do you want what you want? Do you really need it? And try to refrain from it at least for a day or two. If it’s still on your mind and nagging that little piece of your soul, then go get it! It must mean something to you, if you are still keen on having it.


  1. Write things down


Go into your wardrobe right now and make a list of the things you need. It may be more skirts, a black dress that you are missing. A sweater that you need to replace.


Take a good look at what you have and analyze carefully. Distance yourself a bit from your possessions and regard them with a critic eye. Is there anything you want to give away to charity? Is there anything that doesn’t suit you anymore? You might want to freshen up your wardrobe and are looking for better pieces.


That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to appreciate what you own. Quite contrary. You will get to appreciate it even more, by sorting stuff out and buying smart. Meaning putting those clothes to use and actually wearing them.


Remember that skirt you thought you’ll take it to be sewn on your size? Yeah. You never did. It’s time to say bye-bye. And get one that suits you.


Also write down the statement pieces that you wear and go online and find pieces that go with what you have. Go online for inspiration and for matching your wardrobe. It’s like finding a perfect match for those brown pants you have and you love! You’re playing cupid. It’s fun!


  1. Have a well-defined budget


Set yourself a budget and try not to go over it. Contain yourself and prioritize!

It’s hard when there are sales and maybe you saw more than one item on your list, that is on sale for a good price (almost free! says the emotional part of you to trick you into buying it). The idea is to focus on the things you want to buy, one step at a time and prioritize.


You need a new pair of jeans because your last one got in a very bad shape and they don’t look good anymore? You need to put it on the top, on the list.

Winter is close and you need a cozy sweater because the one you had last year didn’t have such a good material? Top, on the list.


So you prioritize the items that will benefit you in that specific season and leave the miscellaneous ones for when the sales will come back.

Basics are also important, so if you ever need to replace some, it’s good to keep them on top of the list.

Stuff that’s more fashionable and changes from season to season, you can skip. Dresses or shirts are versatile and you can always go for the classic looks, just in case.


Keep an order and think that your wardrobe is something you are investing in.

Not something that’s for whims, emotions or moods. Sure, it must fit your tastes and communicate the world more about you as a person, but this is exactly the point. Make it the best side of you the others will see!


You can express moods and emotions by color and combinations. Not by buying that new dress because you didn’t get that promotion and work and you need to make yourself feel better. Don’t let yourself fall for that. If you need something to pick yourself up from a sad or upsetting moment, try going out with friends. Write it down and make it a story. Paint, photograph things and get into a hobby that will make you focus on the good things.


Remember that sad moments or troubles in life are here to pass. But what you make, what you leave behind and how you make others feel is here to stay. Focus on that. Let go a little and live!


  1. Check for sales online


Keep an eye on the stuff that you like! Also remember that sometimes sales start online and then into the main shops. Or vice-versa, depending on the brand. So make sure you stay up to date with that.

Subscribe to newsletters of your fave brands or give your local shop a call and ask about the sales. I’m pretty sure they will inform you. Be smart about what you want! Be first to know, too!


  1. Go shopping in the morning


Everyone is at work, teenagers are at school (you may see some in the shops, you might even be one of them… but hey! No judgement. We’ve all been there). This way you won’t be pressured into buying stuff, since you won’t see the shuffle of people taking stuff off the rack and into the changing rooms.


Also you won’t bump into anyone while you’re checking the clothing out and you’ll have enough space to pick the things that you want to buy.


  1. Wear the things you wanna buy


Try on the things that you wanna get for yourself! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that “hey, I know my size, surely it will fit me!”. I did that mistake with a lot of jeans that were “my size” to find out at home that on the thigh area, they were a bit baggy on me. So I ended up not wearing them.

Now when I go shopping I try on everything I want to buy! Even a simple tee.


  1. When shopping wear comfy stuff


It will be easy to take off when you want to try on something. If it’s winter, try to layer so that the layers will come off easy and also wear comfy shoes. Easy to slip on and off.

Make sure you’re comfortable but also warm or cool, according to season.


These are all my tips. Things I’ve learned through the years of shopping, things I now apply. Sure, I bet there are more and if you know any, feel free to leave them down in the comment section.


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