I’ve been looking forward to writing a review about this book ever since I started reading it. I could feel the positive energy from it, from Estée’s words if you wanna… Watch the video review too though. My words may seem a bit short, but trust me, I was a bit emotional and I wanted to speak very little about each thing so that I wouldn’t spoil anything for you guys!

To me Bloom the book was a lifestyle autobiography. Well written, honest and with a lot of positivity. Estée is very talented with words, I’m sure if she will ever write future books, she will most likely be a best-seller author. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the way she “talks” in her book. But also on her YouTube channel. If you’re a YouTube watcher like me, go subscribe. And if you are a starting YouTuber, like me, also go subscribe!


This is the first time I’m reviewing a lifestyle, beauty – fashion related book and I was very enthusiastic. You can see it from the video too. Sometimes I was lost for words and I had to take a moment to recollect. That’s me. Very weird in front of the camera!


First, let me mention the cover. I didn’t do it in the video, but I will do it here. It’s AMAZEBALLS! The mixed patterns and textures make it seamless book. The color is a pleasant one, like a mint green kind of blue. It’s simply a pleasure to stare it at on my desk all the time.


Estée talks about how she moved to the UK from Canada, her struggle to fit in and adjust. She has a beautiful chapter about friends and finding the right people who bring joy in your life and accepting that people migrate, some are not permanently in our life, despite us liking to have them around. It’s a sad reality, but it’s something that we can understand and overcome.


She speaks about her family, her wonderful dog Reggie and how they adopted him. How cute he is and how he also adapted and transformed from a shy doggy to a more calmer and not-so-shy grayhound. It was so beautiful to read!
I liked the parts where she talks about work, how she struggled in the begging to find something that was suiting for her. A battle most of us can relate to. We graduate and we dream of becoming this person or that type of person, but reality will always be different. And IT’S OK. IT’S OK!


She spoke nicely about beauty, and being beautiful. Accepting who you are, and coming to accepting your flaws but also your qualities. How to feel good about yourself and accepting who you are overall.


She shares her beauty tips, talks about her wardrobe, how she discovered her style, how she decorates her home and plants she loves, or her passion for crystals.
Talks about travelling, gives nice packing advice and has a chapter about food and favorite recipes. Not to be missed!


Parts that I loved the most:

• her advice of stepping out of our comfort zone.
• the parts with anxiety and depression, those really hit home
• her friendship with Amelia Liana
• feeling beautiful, it depends on each of us and this is something we have to work on everyday
• how she developed her style and what wardrobe staples she picked, it is very insightful
• bringing nature inside: YAAAS!
• the foodporn



So yes, I definitely recommend you her book. It is soul touching and also inspiring. It will make you smile, make you tear up a bit and also you will learn many many things. Positive ones mostly.


It sits on my desk all the time, because it’s one of the most inspiring books I’ve read. And I’ve reviewed plenty! This one really hit the spot. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching Estée’s videos for a while or maybe it’s because so mixture of lifestyle and real cut life, in general, that makes it so great.


But that, you should just find on your own. Thanks for reading my amateur review and don’t forget to subscribe to my other social media channels.

Got the book from OKIAN, btw. It was on sale so I couldn’t miss the opportunity.  Hopefully, if you’re from Romania you’ll get it also.



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