“A random man wanted to drown his dog. For that reason, he took them in a boat and sailed away from the shore. Reaching the middle of the river, he threw the dog in the water. The unlucky dog disappears in the depth of the water, tries to reach the surface and makes desperate efforts to swim after the owner’s boat. But each time he gets close, the man hits him with the paddle. This barbaric scene between human and dog continues for a while, until losing his patience, the

Today I stumbled upon a very good movie. After the autobiographical novel with the same name, it has Geralyn Lucas as main center. The young woman, not even in her thirties, is fighting a tough battle against cancer. Why I wore lipstick to my mastectomy She thought the essential problems on life revolved around the color of her new lipstick, or how the coffee tastes on her way to work. Destiny has something different in store, reserving a better fight than that. Finding a breast lump and taking her usual

  Today I remembered a very good movie, the kind that is enough to watch once and you cannot get it out of your mind.And yes, there’s always an event or a detail that brings it back to the surface of thoughts. All of a sudden making you want to re-watch it.   Sadly I cannot tell you if there are any differences between the novel and the book. I haven’t read it yet, although I have seen the movie many times. I cannot even find it in libraries. It’s

  Înainte de Paşte m-am întâlnit din greşeală cu fostul meu profesor de desen. Aş putea spune, unul dintre profii mei de desen, dar n-am să fac asta.    L-am avut ca profesor îndrumător atât în şcoala generală, pe când eram un ţânc ce mâzgălea mutre de Sailor Moon în spatele caietelor de teme, până în liceu, când ne preda Istoria Artei şi noi eram prea aerieni ca să fim atenţi.   Ne povestea cu pasiune despre Istoria Artei, de la arta grecească, la cea romană sau egipteană, trecând către

Entering through the door, my senses were hit by that smell. As of the walls were made of your skin. And I was breathing its scent. Although sick, you were full of life and kindness. Bitter-sweet, like apples fallen on dry soil when autumn debuts. And the chairs with their backrests that gathered around my shoulders. Forgetting to feel uncomfortable, because your words made me travel a long way. Fleeting words, which I cannot remember today. Even if I wanted to. They were not only sentences. You engraved them in

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